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“Greetings, adventurer! Take a moment to explore the shelves of my shop and discover what your current campaign might be missing! Captivating adventures or even full compendiums of new items and rules!”

Whether you seek epic quests, mysterious story arcs and leads, or comprehensive compendiums filled with homebrew rules, locations, and items, my books are tailored to enrich your campaign’s world.

I try to keep my writings as system agnostic as possible, so all you Pathfinder 2e (and other TTRPG) players can enjoy my work as much!

Join me on this storytelling journey, and let’s make your tabletop experience truly extraordinary!
Random Sack pdf preview
Random Sack pdf preview

Random Sack On The Ground

A single-sheet for a lootable sack. You can find it on my Patreon!

The Untold Story of Brooksville

Are you looking for a unique and thrilling DnD adventure? Look no further! “The Untold Story of Brooksville” tells an amazing story about love, revenge, and necromancy, that your players will love!

Inns and Taverns pdf cover preview
Inns and Taverns pdf cover preview

Inns & Taverns

This meticulously crafted compendium offers you a treasury of 10 distinct inns and taverns, each a realm of possibilities waiting to enrich your campaign.

Soon on Kickstarter!

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